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NAACP Celebrates Military Veterans at the 108th Annual National Convention

July 19, 2017

Congressman Al Green (D- Texas) Will Speak at Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Luncheon


BALTIMORE (July 11, 2017) – In recognition of their service to the country, NAACP’s past and current members of the Armed Services are invited to a veteran’s luncheon, featuring a keynote address by Representative Al Green (D- Texas). Two awards will be presented at the event: The Julius E. Williams Community Service Award and the Roy Wilkins Renowned Service Award.

Prior to the luncheon, veterans will attend a forum on Monday, July 24th, as part of the specialized program reserved for members of the armed services. The forum “Military Sexual Trauma and PTSD” will provide an overview of the resources and services available to veterans and their families for recovery from traumatic experiences and how to access them within their local communities.

Panelists will explore how traumatic experiences, especially military sexual trauma, can lead to posttraumatic stress disorder, borderline and other complex personality disorders, as well as behavioral and substance use addictive disorders.

The forum is an opportunity for a discussion on how the intersection of Veterans Affairs resources can create a more holistic pathway to living a life of recovery. Such pathways include outpatient psychiatric medication management, psychotherapy and peer support, housing resources, chaplain services, vocational services, and inpatient or residential services such as domiciliary, substance rehabilitation programs, acute and specialized trauma-focused programs.

At both events, participants will learn about the initiatives of the NAACP Veterans Affairs National Task Force and the role of NAACP Veterans Affairs Committee.


The 108th Annual Convention will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center, One Pratt St. For a detailed schedule of events and locations, visit the NAACP convention website.




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