Press Release

NAACP Condemns Senseless Killing of NYPD Police Officers

December 21, 2014

BALTIMORE, MD — The NAACP condemns the violent and senseless deaths of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of these officers and also pray for a speedy recovery of the third victim who was shot in Maryland yesterday by the same shooter. In no way does the NAACP support this act of vigilante justice by a troubled individual. While our criminal justice system is not without deep and divisive flaws, we know that police officers, who risk their own safety for ours, play a critical and necessary role in keeping every community safe. Our sincerest sympathies go out to the friends and the families of the slain officers. The loss of any life at the hands of violence ‎is tragic. We who believe in peace and freedom, fairness and equality, understand that progress can only be achieved by intimate and intentional collaboration of law enforcement and community members.


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