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Image for Geopolitics of Climate Change—A Civil Rights Perspective

It is apt that this convening would have a session on the “Geopolitics of Climate Change” because the distribution of effects of the drivers and impacts across the climate change continuum are both geographically based and politically rooted.

Image for NAACP Statement Regarding Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

It is not extraordinary or unrealistic to expect the water our children drink and bathe in, the water we use to prepare meals to nourish and sustain our bodies, to be free of toxic chemicals.

Image for Here’s what frontline communities are pushing for at the Paris climate talks

Our first blog from COP21: As representatives of communities of color on the frontlines of climate change, we appreciate the sentiments of hope, ambition, accountability, and commitment in President Obama’s remarks at the Paris climate talks.

Image for Environmental Justice in Houston: A Human Rights Tribunal

When I was presented with the charge to coordinate a Human Rights Tribunal, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I remember two things going through my mind during that moment. The first thought was that this hearing was much needed for the Houston community, and my second one was, “Where do I start?” Little did I know that this experience would change my life and perspective on the role that environmental justice is taking in communities of color and beyond.

The tribunal will give community members affected by such issues the opportunity to speak up, testify, ask questions, suggest solutions, and get informed.