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Trump’s Racism A Factor in #LivingWhileBlack, Says NAACP President

May 23, 2018

BALTIMORE (May 23, 2018)—The NAACP, the nation’s foremost civil rights organization, issued the following statement regarding the proliferation of #LivingWhileBlack incidents:

“The NAACP sees a direct relationship between the racist language and policies emerging from the White House and the growing number of hate crimes and blatant attacks on the humanity of Black People. It does not come as a shock that President Trump recently called immigrants ‘animals.’ Neither are we shocked by recent news reports revealing that the firm used by his presidential campaign actively sought to suppress the Black vote.

“According to the FBI, the day Trump was elected racial hate crimes increased, and he has continued to divide people by using his platform to create space for the public expression of racism and bias. His dog-whistle politics has served as inspiration for others to express their own racism and bias. We say whenever this happens, those of good will must challenge it, regardless of whether it’s reported or actually caught on video. Challenging #LivingWhileBlack incidents are the responsibility of all people, not only communities of color.”

Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO

@NAACP and @DerrickNAACP

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