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November 4, 2019



NPR: Why These 5 States Hold Odd-Year Elections, Bucking The Trend


If you follow politics, you’re probably inundated by news of the 2020 presidential race by now. But did you know that 2019 is an election year too? This month, five states will hold big general elections. Voters in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia will elect either a whole slew of state lawmakers or a governor and other statewide executives. Or, in the case of Louisiana and Mississippi, all of the above.


NBC News: White nationalists caught trying to record video in front of Emmett Till memorial

A group of people carrying a white nationalist flag were caught on camera Saturday attempting to record a video in front of the Emmett Till memorial in Sumner, Mississippi. Patrick Weems, executive director of the Emmett Till Memorial Commission, told NBC News that the group was captured on camera by a new surveillance system that was updated when the bulletproof memorial was dedicated on Oct. 19.


Yahoo News: Children were told to ‘build the wall’ at White House Halloween party

A Halloween party on Oct. 25 at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building featured candy, paper airplanes and — concerning for some attendees — a station where children were encouraged to help “Build the Wall” with their own personalized bricks. Photos of the children’s mural with the paper wall were provided to Yahoo News.


News Observer: A lawsuit arguing NC’s legislature is illegitimate may have far-reaching consequences


Lawyers for Republican legislators and the NAACP went back and forth Thursday at the North Carolina Court of Appeals, arguing over the very legitimacy of the North Carolina General Assembly.


Ad Week: Ad Spend for 2020 Election Cycle Projected to Reach $6 Billion

The 2020 election cycle is projected to generate $6 billion in political advertising from presidential, federal and state candidates and their campaigns, according to a new study from Kantar, a consultancy company. Digital ad spend is expected to grow substantially, accounting for 20% of the total spend, about $1.2 billion. Despite declining linear ratings, broadcast is projected to take in $3.2 billion and cable $1.2 billion, according to the study. The study did not include ads sponsored by PACs.