Karen Boykin-Towns


Karen Boykin-Towns has a proven track record of getting things done – the right way. Karen believes in community and brings that approach to leadership whether she is building corporate teams or solving complicated problems for large enterprises.
Karen’s career began in government, serving as New York State Senator David Paterson’s chief of staff, and later as Deputy Director of the state Senate’s Democratic Conference. Her background in the political world taught her how to analyze the many sides of a complicated problem and develop an effective game plan – a skill that served as the foundation of her success as a senior leader at Pfizer for over two decades. Whether through civil service or tackling public health issues, Karen understands that it takes great internal and external networks to make great strides.
Karen’s dedication to community is her legacy. Her belief in strengthening effective communication through team-building drives her both personally and professionally. Recently re-elected Vice Chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Karen has seen first-hand how partnerships among people and organizations who seem very different on the surface are a critical step in solving deep-rooted and most complicated problems plaguing our society.
A graduate of the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, N.Y., Karen holds an MBA from Baruch College at The City University of New York. She is Co-Chair of the Business Council of New York and has been featured in Black Enterprise, BusinessWeek, Crain’s, Network Journal, and African American Career World. Savoy Magazine named her a Top Influential Woman in Corporate America in 2016. Karen lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters.
Karen is closing the door on 22 years with Pfizer, but her career has been anything but static. Karen loves the challenge of learning new roles, new issues, and, of course, new people. She has strategically chosen each step she has taken in her career based on opportunities for new perspectives and a diversity of experience. Karen’s ability to navigate change with agility and grace leaves her excited and ready to tackle whatever comes next.