Dr. Marcella Maxwell

Dr. Marcella Maxwell is a clinical supervisor of teaching fellows at Brooklyn College, a part of the City College of New York system. In this role Dr. Maxwell trains teaching fellows to foster their professional development, organizes collaboration between principals, teachers and other faculty, spearheads team building seminars, curriculum design and development and instructional strategies and methods.

Education was always a priority for Dr. Maxwell and her family. Hergrandfather donated the land for the first elementary school for African-Americans in Cleveland, N.C. Today, she forges partnerships with a wide range of organizations to bring new scholarships and educational programs for New York City youth.

In addition to her role as an educator, Dr. Maxwell is a well-known advocate for women’s issues, community development, organizational administration, fund development, curriculum development and government relations.

Dr. Maxwell received a Masters degree in Elementary Education from Long Island University, and her Doctorate of Education from Fordham University.