Black History Month is Here

Black History Month acknowledges our past as a proud foundation for us to build upon so we may become better citizens and, together, form a more perfect nation.

So as we look forward to Black History Month this February, I want to share with you a way to celebrate every day with the NAACP.

Throughout Black History Month, we will text you a fact a day about important accomplishments won by African-American artists, inventors, teachers, soldiers, and leaders. All you have to do is visit our site and enter your mobile phone number:

We will highlight accomplishments that are regularly less recognized by the mainstream media, who tend to focus on the same handful of people and events. Please join us in honoring some of these overlooked accomplishments of African-Americans.

Anyone looking to learn more about history, especially teachers and parents and guardians of school children, should visit our site and sign up.

The NAACP provides this service free of charge, though your mobile provider's standard text messaging rates may apply. Be sure to sign up now so that your first message will come through today, February 1st:

Over the course of the month, you will learn about:

  • The 306 Group
  • The hero of the United States' 1950 World Cup soccer team
  • A champion heavyweight boxer who was also an inventor

Black History Month is a moment for all of us to be proud of our accomplishments. I hope you will take a moment to honor the full range of achievements African-Americans have contributed to our nation by signing up today. And as the month progresses, we will be sharing other opportunities to celebrate.

By the way, you can also text HISTORY to 62227 to receive updates. To stop receiving these messages, all you need to do is reply with the word STOP.