NAACP Disperses $200,000 in Grants to Earthquake Ravaged Haiti

Just one year ago, on January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake devastated the small nation of Haiti. That day, the world united in support – holding fundraisers, mailing first aid supplies, and sending prayers. (Photo Credit: Jorge Silva/Reuters)

Today, on the one-year anniversary of the quake that shook that impoverished country, the NAACP is still fighting.

Thousands of NAACP supporters opened their hearts in the aftermath of this tradgedy. When you donated to the NAACP, you entrusted us with the responsibility of distributing your investments where they would be needed most. And we would like want to take this opportunity to thank you by highlighting the important work that was made possible because of NAACP supporters.

In the course of a year, we have donated over $200,000 to organizations dedicated to helping the impoverished country. The donations came in every size and whether it was one dollar or $1,000, each and every cent went to helping the people of Haiti.

Students will receive a hot meal and an education thanks to our support of the Global Orphan Project. People will be able to work again and Haiti will not be burdened by debt because of The Haitian Congress.

But that’s just the beginning. Long-term, sustainable rebuilding and development will be possible because of the Haiti Support Project. And families will once again have roofs over their heads thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

One year ago, when we said the people of Haiti could count on the NAACP to restore the county’s prosperity and rebuild the country’s spirit, we meant it sincerely.

Today, with your help, we have made those words a reality.

My deepest thanks,

David Emmanuel Goatley

Chairman of International Affairs Committee