NAACP Launches ‘America’s Journey for Justice’

On March 5th, the NAACP, will launch a new and innovative campaign, titled “America’s Journey for Justice,” geared toward adopting a policy agenda that protects the lives of Americans, the sustainable jobs of our citizenry, our right to vote and the integrity of our democracy.
Over the next few months, a series of direct actions will take place along the 850 mile route from Selma, Alabama to Washington, DC--through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia to highlight vulnerable communities subject to regressive voting rights tactics.   Voting  is essential to resolving all the issues that the America’s Journey for Justice aims to tackle.

An emerging coalition of labor, civil rights, environmental justice, democracy reform advocates, industry, and faith-based communities will join the NAACP in amplifying the advocacy theme: “Our jobs, our votes, our schools, our lives matter”. Ensuring equal representation at the polls helps to make certain that our communities also have sustainable jobs, environmental justice, criminal justice, equitable education and voting rights.

From Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President & CEO:
“Fifty years ago this week, brave activists embarked upon the Selma to Montgomery March to bring attention to the fight for voting rights. The Selma to Montgomery Jubilee is more than a commemorative occasion--ever present in our minds is that voting rights continue to be impinged.  And this new assault on voting rights is being ignored by the same lawmakers who are coming to Selma to celebrate the jubilee.  Selma is now--and the NAACP will not rest until every American has unfettered access to the ballot box.  I stand with NAACP state leadership in demanding that our most vulnerable voters be protected by the law--in every state.”