NAACP Units Rally for Collective Bargaining Rights Across the Midwest

On February 26, NAACP units across the Midwest joined with labor organizations to rally in support of workers’ rights in the state capitol rallies that have drawn national attention.

NAACP units in Wisconsin marched in Madison to participate in a rally in solidarity with the state’s public employees and support the rights of all employees to collectively bargain. Accordingly, the NAACP urged the Assembly and Senate to reject the proposed “Budget Repair Bill”.

NAACP leaders march on the Wisconsin State Capitol. Find more information and photos from Madison here.

In Illinois, Springfield President Teresa Haley served as Chair of a rally to “Save the American Dream,” at the Illinois State Capitol. The Illinois state conference stood with labor groups from across the state to protect the rights of workers to engage in the process of collective bargaining.

A scene from the Illinois state capitol. Find more information and photos from Springfield here.