Take the President’s Challenge!

America is facing a crisis when it comes to leading healthy lifestyles. And of the populations suffering most from diet-related illness, African Americans top the list.

A devastating 35.9% of our children are obese, and access to the education and information needed to reverse that trend is limited.

So the NAACP is pairing up with Donna Richardson Joyner, creator of Body Gospel, to take on the President's Challenge. Together, we will motivate people to get fit and lead active lifestyles by exercising five days a week for 30 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for children.

Meet the President's Challenge by taking the pledge today:


Over the course of the coming months, the NAACP will be working with communities around the country and empowering them to adopt healthy lifestyles.

With the support of HELP (Healthy Eating Living and Physical Activity), each of these communities will participate in a healthy living curriculum that includes in-person and online trainings.

Thanks to the involvement of these incredible organizations, the NAACP will not only be able to meet the President's Challenge, we will surpass it.

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Here's to a healthy 2011!