Slideshow: Offensive Tea Party Signs

A collection of some of the racist, violent or otherwise offensive signs from Tea Party protests around the country.

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NAACP Mourns the Passing of Vernon Baker

The NAACP mourns the passing of Vernon Baker, former United States military officer and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Video: Speeches from the 101st Convention

Keynote speeches from First Lady Michelle Obama, Chairman Roslyn Brock and President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous.

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NAACP Delegates Vote to Repudiate Racist Elements Within Tea Party

Today, NAACP delegates passed a resolution to condemn extremist elements within the Tea Party, calling on Tea Party leaders to repudiate those in their ranks who use racist language in their signs and speeches.

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NAACP Denounces Verdict of Oscar Grant Case

The NAACP opposes the jury’s verdict of involuntary manslaughter regarding the 2009 New Year’s Eve shooting of a 22 year old young man by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police officer in Oakland, CA.

While standing at a metro/BART stop on New Years’ Eve 2009, 22-year old Oscar Grant was mercilessly shot in the back by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police officer Johannes Mehserle. Despite committing no crime nor carrying a weapon, Mehserle proceeded to shoot Grant in the back as he lay on the floor of the platform.

The disaster was filmed by witnesses on cell phone cameras and later uploaded to YouTube, documenting the severity and the stark reality of police brutality in the United States.

“We are outraged that the jury did not find guilty of murder in a case that is so egregiously excessive and mishandled," said NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. "The most tragic aspect of this case is that the cost of this police misconduct was a 22-year old father, son, and brother – an unarmed man killed because he allegedly scuffled on a train. The lack of accountability in law enforcement undermines the safety of the community and the integrity of law enforcement."

Police brutality is no new concept in California or in the African American community. The Department of Justice released a survey that says African Americans (4.4%) and Hispanics (2.3%) were more likely than whites (1.2%) to have experienced use of force by police and African American counted for 1 out of 10 cases with the police with 1 of 4 of those cases resulting in excessive force.

"The fact that justice was not upheld for the Grant family underscores a serious problem that needs to be addressed concerning the justice system and its devaluation of young African American males," said NAACP State Conference of California President Alice Huffman.

The NAACP is encouraging supporters of the Grant family to remain patient despite the unsatisfactory verdict. The NAACP National leadership and California State Conference have agreed to work diligently to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions, and pursue justice in instances of excessive police force.

"We will continue to work to ensure that justice is served for the Grant family, and these cases of police brutality as prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," said NAACP Oakland Branch President George Holland.

Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.

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First Lady Michelle Obama to Address NAACP 101st Convention in Kansas City

First Lady Michelle Obama will address the NAACP's 101st Annual Convention on Monday, July 12, 2010 to discuss steps to combat childhood obesity and her efforts to create a healthier generation of kids through the Let's Move! campaign.


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Troy Davis Gets His Day in Court

After 19 years, death row inmate Troy Davis finally had the opportunity to air his defense in a court of law on Wednesday, June 23rd.

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NAACP Files Legal Challenge To Arizona Racial Profiling Law

The NAACP and other civil rights groups filed a class action lawsuit challenging Arizona's new law requiring police to demand "papers" from people they stop who they suspect are not authorized to be in the U.S.

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NAACP President Challenges Rand Paul to a Debate on the Civil Rights Act

Republican Senate Candidate Rand Paul made headlines for his opposition to aspects of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. On the May 20 edition of the Rachel Maddow Show, NAACP President & CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous has challenged him to a debate.

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Stepping Out on Faith: My Blogging While Brown Experience


At the Blogging While Brown Conference, I was in the presence of 200 men and women of varying shades, backgrounds and interests, all of whom recognize the power of their voice and possess the vision to make sure it is heard. In that sense, the common thread between these individuals runs much deeper than their self-identity as bloggers of color. They comprise a network, a community - and a powerful one at that.  

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New Report Outlines Fair Lending Principles

To encourage transparency and fairness in home loans, the NAACP has developed nine principles of fairness in banking and lending. Countering Discrimination in Mortgage Lending in America: An NAACP Guide for Fair Lending details our fair lending principles and how they will help protect borrowers.

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Lena Horne, Singer, Actress and Civil Rights Activist, Dies At 92

"We mourn the passing of Lena Horne, an outstanding, groundbreaking entertainer and a staunch civil rights activist who stood on the side of justice and equality,"


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Benjamin Todd Jealous Guest Hosts Bev Smith Show

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous guest hosted Bev Smith's popular radio broadcast on Wednesday, May 5th. The show featured Congressman Barbara Lee and the newly-elected Mayor of Columbia, SC Steve Benjamin. Listen to the broadcast, after the jump.

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Steve Benjamin Elected First African American Mayor of Columbia, SC

The NAACP congratulates Steve Benjamin, the newly elected and first African American mayor of Columbia, South Carolina.  Read More »

NAACP Saddened by Loss of Civil Rights Giant Dr. Dorothy Height

The NAACP family is saddened by the passing of Dr. Dorothy Height, civil rights pioneer, social justice advocate and long time friend of the NAACP. "Dr. Dorothy I. Height was the beloved matriarch of the civil rights movement," stated NAACP Chairman Roslyn M. Brock. "The nation has lost a stalwart champion for civil rights and gender equality. Read More »

NAACP Mourns the Passing of Civil Rights Giant and Executive Director Dr. Benjamin Hooks

The NAACP family is deeply saddened by the passing of Executive Director and CEO Emeritus Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks. Read More »

NAACP Launches “Clear the Air” Road Trip

NAACP Climate Justice Initiative director Jacqui Patterson has just returned from a Clear the Air Road Trip, visiting the communities most affected by climate change. She has video blogged their stories day-by-day on the Climate Justice Initiative blog. Read More »

NAACP Names Cicely Tyson 95th Spingarn Medalist

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People National Board of Directors announced that actress Cicely Tyson will be honored with the Association's Spingarn Medal, the NAACP's highest honor. Tyson will become the 95th recipient of the award, and will be honored during the NAACP National Convention in Kansas City July 15 at the annual Spingarn Dinner.

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NAACP Joins Tom Joyner Census Bus Tour

The NAACP’s Yes We Count Campaign has teamed up with the Tom Joyner Morning Show for a 14-city tour to encourage African American families to participate in the 2010 Census. Read More »

NAACP Elects Roslyn M. Brock Chairman Board Of Directors

The NAACP named Roslyn Brock as Chair of the Board of Directors at its Annual Board Meeting on February 20 at the New York Hilton. Brock, 44, became the youngest woman to serve as Chair of the NAACP’s Board of Directors. Read More »

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