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Norma fontain : Making a short film is to decide to do business (Local)


A short film is a format that allows to express truthfully and spontaneous.

At first we prove the fact that we are able to make a long . After it is done for pleasure , without pressure, with the ardor and enthusiasm of the wolf monkey .

A short film is something precious , small udder great at the same time .

This is a teaser bark is used to start a fire .

A short film is the little something extra that makes you want to do another one as soon as possible .

It keeps us alive , it makes us laugh cry worse ...

It tells a story .

We need to tell stories .

Uneventful life is beige.

Endure the life , but life gets stuck .

Without short , there's less color , less thoughts , less speaking .

A short film, it serves to meet, to share, to see further out into street, screaming, shooting lanes or swings ... children who leave school udders old in parks now feed the pigeons ...

A short film is also delve into his pockets to scrape his remains to screening .

It is asking for help from his father, his mother, his sisters bad brothers ... to his old pals always ...
It's sleepless nights ... turn around the sheet , look out the window , thinking aloud softly reflect worse ...

This is smiling in a vacuum ... hoping that no one is watching you ...

Making a short film is to decide to do business there, against all odds , despite the pitfalls , refusals, ti - winks that tell you what not to do and others who would rather that you should magnify less ...

Making a short film is to make a clan , family,

With people who have the same cinematic affinities , political ... or hunting deer ...

Is trying , again, explore,

A short film, it's an experience , a laboratory, testing and error game ...

Is attending cocktails, participate in binge drinking ...

It is unfortunately sometimes listen film makers talk about their film when we know very well there is nothing more annoying than listening to a film maker talk about his film ...

Making a short film is to recreate reality as such and transpose it into a timeless world , imaginary , invented from scratch.

This is to allow the characters moments of grace and mystery , just silence them ...

A movie in the format of a short film, this is what you want it to be , inside or outside the rules of art ...

Watch a short film it is seen how the New Wave will be largely composed of women film makers .

Because Y ' time . Because it feels good . Because we needed it.

A short film to be used to celebrate . Worse that's what we will do tonight .

Because with the price we will give you , it will allow you to think to make , hopefully dozens more .

I wish you a beautiful and unique evening.

Time: Monday, June 11, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Host: Norma Fontain
san diego (San Diego, CA)
San Diego, CA 92103

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