Lillian Singh

Lillian Singh is the Director of Economic Strategic Partnerships for the NAACP National Economic Department. She manages strategic alliances, resource development activities; and renders operational leadership support with regard to departmental operations and major functions, including: 1) managing partnerships with consultants and other community partners that interfaced with the Financial Freedom Center; 2) providing oversight for the Economic Education and Community Economic Development program divisions; 3) leading internal reporting and program evaluation efforts;  and, 4) spear-heading fundraising/resource development activities.  

Prior to the NAACP, Mrs. Singh worked at the DC Children Youth Investment Trust Corporation (CYITC), Child Trends, and Symphonic Strategies, LLC., where she demonstrated her commitment to public improvement from the “ground up” - from program research and evaluation, to program implementation and capacity building.

Mrs. Singh has public service experience working at the intersections of research, policy and practice, having had opportunities to interface with direct-service providers, the foundation community, research organizations and the for-profit sector covering issues ranging from economic inequality, the housing crisis and educational disparities.

She is a skilled writer who has written over 35 publications including literature reviews, research briefs, fact sheets, program impact reports, and journal publications. She received her Bachelor’s in Urban Planning and Master’s in Sociology from Stanford University.ty.