Corporate Report Cards

Economic Reciprocity Initiative (ERI)

Historically, the NAACP's Economic Reciprocity Initiative (ERI) has focused on private corporations within five major industries (automotive, telecommunication, financial services, general merchandizing, and hotel/lodging industry) and measured corporate America's financial relationship with the African American Community. Each of the participating companies received ERI letter grades determined by their responses to questions on a survey covering five key areas: (1) Employment, (2)Marketing/ communications expenditures, (3) Supplier diversity, (4) Charitable giving/philanthropic activity; and (5) Community Reinvestment, as it relates to the inclusion of African Americans.

Revised Focus & Purpose of Report Cards

These industries have the greatest potential to influence job creation and advancement (at multiple job classification levels) and wealth building (as measured by ownership, development, contracting, and supplier diversity) in African American communities, and other communities of color. The target industries identified will include:

  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial
  • General Merchandising
  • Lodging/Hotels

The Top Five corporations in each industry will be asked to participate in this revised diversity analysis. The processes associated with the NAACP Report Cards on Corporate Fairness and Diversity will be transparent in measurement, scoring, and reporting. The primary change to the report cards is that the focal points of the instrument are the measure of racial and ethnic diversity in the workforce (job loss, creation and advancement), wealth building (inclusive business practices) and ownership, where applicable.

  • Additional changes to the methodology include the following:
  • Up to three industries will be analyzed each year, with a stratified participation schedule that will begin in 2011.
  • Sector analyses and overview will be included in the report.
  • Data will be requested in a disaggregated format.
  • Letter grades will be replaced by a scoring continuum.
  • Increased time to complete the survey.
  • Elevation of best practices.
  • Identification of opportunity for improvement.
  • Rewards for high performing corporations.

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