Community Economic Development

About the Program:

Many African Americans families, like most Americans, struggle to obtain wealth that will benefit their immediate family and community. Assets are key drivers of community revitalization and personal financial freedom. The community and economic development program establishes asset development infrastructure in communities of color leveraging the NAACP network and resources.

Signature Initiatives:

African American Asset Building Initiative analyzes the current asset and wealth creation landscape and infrastructure within the African American community with the goal of establishing an African American Asset Building coalition with corresponding resources and services.

The African American Asset Building Initiative will lead to greater engagement of African Americans in the existing asset development system in their local community. It will help build a sustainable network of African American service providers to aid in improving the existing system for African Americans, as well as enhance learning on how to improve financial capability for African Americans.

The community and economic development program operates under the leadership of Director Lillian Singh with support from Sabrina Terry, Economic Program Specialist.

Lillian D. Singh, Director of Economic Stategic Partnerships

Sabrina T. Terry, Economic Program Specialist for the Economic Department