Community Economic Development

The NAACP promotes racial equity in community economic development and strengthening the economic fabric of communities through supporting the creation and growth of small businesses, individual wealth building, primarily through matched savings accounts, and community asset building.

The Great Recession has compounded decades of wealth stripping, particularly in African American communities.  From the significant loss of public sector jobs (a principal employer of African Americans) to the widening racial wealth divide, there is an urgent need for targeted focus on racial wealth inequality and racial equity in growing communities’ economic viability.

What is at stake is the ability for many to remain a part of the American middle class and for others to have any meaningful opportunity to achieve middle class status.  For these reasons, the community economic development program area emphasizes wealth creation, job development, and community assets that inure benefits to all in a racially inclusive manner.

NAACP Community Economic Development Resources


Progam Staff

Lillian D. Singh, Director of Economic Strategic Partnerships