One Nation FAQ


Our People. Nuestra Gente. It is time that every community come together and demand the change that we voted for in 2008. ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER is not just for one community, it is for all communities, it is for OUR community. We hope to galvanize those deeply affected by our struggling economy: Youth (College and Non College), Women, Faith Community, Working Class Citizens, Unionized Workers, and the Immigrant Population.


"ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER is about reordering out nation's priorities to invest in our most valuable resource-our people."

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream-a secure job, a safe home and a quality education. We want provide an opportunity for people who care about the state of our government, our jobs and our economy the chance to speak out with their voice and their bodies in Washington, DC. We want to come together and speak on behalf of the millions of people who have been affected by our economic downturn in the past few years. We will fight for meaningful, stable jobs, homes we can call our own, the opportunity for our children to obtain a quality education regardless of economic circumstances and the chance to become an American citizen and contribute to improving America. Our Dream is simple-the American Dream.


We are going to March on Washington on October 2, 2010 (10.2.10). Whether we come by car, bus, plane or train, we will mobilize tens of thousands of people to march in solidarity at the Nation's Capitol in order to protect our jobs, our education and our economy.


10.2.10 (October 2, 2010)


We want to build a movement.

We will march because we are frustrated and unsatisfied with the status quo. We have a chance to galvanize a movement for the majority of people for justice in America. We can build a movement that both looks like America and resonates with all segments of the American family. We can build an authentically diverse coalition of our Black, Brown, Red, and White Brothers and Sisters that is rooted in our country's democratic and progressive traditions. Finally, we will reclaim American themes and traditions - a more perfect union, common good and justice for all.


We will build diverse community coalitions that represent what our neighbors and cities look like. We will phone bank, canvass, plan events, and physically outreach to the community using our relations and grassroots tactics to not only get people on the bus to Washington, D.C., but to build a movement that people can resonate with and believe in.