Press Credentials: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

NAACP's Definition of Credentialed Media

-In order to attend the NAACP Convention as a journalist, you must be a credentialed member of the media. NAACP retains the right to grant media passes to print journalist (newspapers, magazine), broadcast journalism (radio or television), wire and news services for redistribution to other news organizations, or online new services (electronic dissemination, bloggers, internet TV or Radio).

-The NAACP will recognize journalists who have obtained credentials from a capitol press corps, official press organization, state law enforcement or the U.S. Congress, but journalists still must register.

-NAACP will not allow delegates, alternates or observers to register as "media" for the purpose attending NAACP events. These individuals may still attend NAACP's meetings, but must register as an delegate, alternate, observer or VIP guest of the association and pay the corresponding registration fees.

-Even if payment is made to attend NAACP's meetings, the following terms and conditions still apply.

-You may contact NAACP's Communications Department with further questions or concerns.

Terms And Conditions

-Only members of the media may obtain media credentials and you cannot be otherwise registered for the convention in another capacity.

-NAACP media credentials must be visible at all times at the convention or social events.

-No materials may be distributed by members of the media directly to legislators, legislative staff or attendees of the NAACP Convention. Materials, which include leaflets, handouts, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, t-shirts, marketing materials and petitions, are to be left in the designated NAACP Press Room for our attendees.

-All requests to receive a recording or videotape of parts of the NAACP Conventions for the purpose of rebroadcasting must be made and approved through NAACP Communications Department.

-NAACP will only allow authorized representatives of the entities noted above to be approved and the approval is not transferable.

-All NAACP publications, including PDFs, are the copyrighted property of NAACP and may not be reproduced, uploaded or distributed in any way in their entirety without prior approval from NAACP

-NAACP has the right to remove individuals from a meeting or function who do not abide by the above terms and conditions.