Redistricting: Empowering Communities for Jobs, Education and Justice

The NAACP National Redistricting Project

The National Redistricting Project has several components. Through community organizing and the use of media and new media, the National Redistricting Project will work to demystify the often-veiled connections between public policies we care about, on the one hand, and redistricting, on the other.

The National Redistricting Project team includes the NAACP Field Operations Department, Communications Department, New Media Department, Development Department, and the Legal Department.

This interdisciplinary approach to redistricting includes a range of NAACP Unit trainings for redistricting, analysis of redistricting plans, the development of alternative plans, the presentation of testimony to legislative or other redistricting bodies, the filing of comments with the U.S. Department of Justice, and where necessary, litigation.

Why Redistricting is Important

The National Redistricting Project is a critical part of the continuum of NAACP Voter Empowerment work: voter registration; voter education; Get Out the Vote; election protection; and redistricting. NAACP Units’ engagement in redistricting efforts is important and necessary to ensure that lines are drawn fairly and that communities have a fair opportunity to elect the representatives of their choice. Redistricting, therefore, is not an “island” unto itself but is intimately connected to the public policies implemented in our communities.

Redistricting Background

Key Things to Remember

How do we Get Started?

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