Too Much Doubt

UPDATE (9/20/11): The GA Board of Paroles denied Troy's request for clemency. Chatham County DA Larry Chisolm can still ask the judge to withdraw Troy's death warrant - click here to tell Chisolm to do the right thing.

Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
It's the foundation of our justice system, built to serve and protect the wrongly accused. But in the case of Troy Davis, it's a principle that has been defied, ignored and trampled on.
Troy has been on Death Row for the past 20 years for the murder of Savannah, GA police officer Mark MacPhail. Despite serious doubts to his guilt, Davis’ execution is scheduled for September 21, 2011. There is simply too much doubt to let this happen. Read more about Troy's case here.

How You Can Help

We can save Troy, but it’s something we can only accomplish together, with your help. Here are four things you can do to help save Troy Davis from execution.
  1. Write a letter to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, asking them to grant Troy clemency.
  2. Tell Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm to petition for withdrawal of the death warrant for Troy Davis.
  3. Participate in our #TooMuchDoubt social media campaign by making Troy your profile pic on Twitter/Facebook, and tweeting from the hashtag #TooMuchDoubt.
  4. Text TROY to 62227 (NAACP) for updates regarding the Troy Davis case.


For downloadable materials, please click here.


For a list of events in support of Troy, please click here.