Young, Black, & Secure

Due to the ongoing national debate about changes to Social Security and the possible effect of these changes on the community, the NAACP strongly believes in engaging dialog with African American students across the country to educate them on the issue. We recognize that Social Security is a program that affects not only the future, but present life as well.

The NAACP Youth & College Division has hosted a nationwide Social Security Empowerment Initiative aimed at increasing African American students' knowledge about Social Security and the proposed changes to how the system currently operates.

In addition to the information about Social Security provided during the forums, students received a YBS tool-kit that contain fact sheets and resource lists for their continued education. Students also has been encouraged to regularly visit the NAACP Youth & College Division webpage for updates about Social Security via email alerts and personal reminders from NAACP Youth Councils.

The long term goals of the project are increased knowledge about Social Security among African American students as evidence by pre and post testing; continued engagement of African American young adults and the community in discussions about Social Security; increased collaboration between the NAACP Youth & College Division and various national organizations around domestic justice issues; and increased public awareness about Social Security’s impact on African American school-age students.

Young, Black & Secure Role Worksheet

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NAACP Social Security Information 6 April 2010_1

NAACP YBS Fact Sheet