NAACP BATTLEGROUND POLL: National Jobs Program is Essential to Winning the African American Vote

(WASHINGTON)— Creating a national jobs program is essential to winning the African American Vote, according to results of a. election eve poll of African American voters released today by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Jobs and the Economy top off the list of most important issues by a wide margin, with 60% of African American voters identifying this, unprompted, as the most important issue. In addition, 95% of all respondents believe the federal government should be engaging in job creation opportunities for all Americans.   While respondents overwhelmingly believe that success is determined by self-reliance, they see a very strong and important role for the federal government.

Similarly, 22% of African Americans identify health care and 23% pick education, unprompted, as top issues and believe the federal government has a key role in ensuring high quality affordable access to both.

Results are remarkably consistent across states with little variation in which issues are of greatest concern.

The NAACP will release key data from the poll throughout the day and will release the horse race results as polls come to a close.

The NAACP battleground poll interviewed 1,600 African American voters who have already voted, or were certain to vote in the November 6, 2012 presidential election.  Interviews were conducted via telephone with live callers from November 1-5, 2012. For the 4 individual states (Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Georgia), a minimum of 400 interviews were completed to provide state-specific reliable estimates, and each state is weighted to reflect the known Census demographics for African American voters. The combined four state sample carries an overall margin of error of 2.5%, while each individual state carries a margin of error of 4.9%. Interviewing was administered and overseen by Pacific Market Research.


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