NAACP Condemns New Yorker Magazine Cover, Urges Action

The following resolution passed during the 99th Annual NAACP Convention that closes in Cincinnati today.

Emergency Resolution #4:


WHEREAS, the cover of the New Yorker magazine dated July 21, 2008, but first released on Sunday, July 13, 2008 depicts Sen. Barack Obama as a Muslim wearing a turban and a caftan, much like the picture of Osama Bin Laden in the background, Michelle Obama as a militant revolutionary carrying an AK-47 assault rifle wearing camouflage pants, commando boots and the American flag aflame in the background; and

WHEREAS, the cartoon is mass media at its worst, as it perpetuates false information, plays on negative stereotypes and is highly inflammatory; and

WHEREAS, the cartoon exacerbates rumors and blatant misinformation that has been spread in attempts to discredit and malign Senator Obama and his wife; and

WHEREAS, the New Yorker magazine has said that the cover illustration is “intended to make fun of conservatives as ignorant racists, and essentially marginalize and criticism of Obama as moronic.”  In response, Senator Obama’s spokesman has called the cover “tasteless and offensive “ and even Senator John McCain’s campaign has decried the cartoon as “totally inappropriate.”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NAACP decries the July 21, 2008 New Yorker magazine cartoon cover as tasteless, Islam-a-phobic, mean spirited and racially offensive; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the NAACP calls on every American who is similiarly offend by the cover to contact the New Yorker magazine, either by e-mail at: or by postal service at: The Mail, The New Yorker, 4 Times Square, New York, NY 10036.

Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization.  Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.



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