U.S. Surgeon General To Speak At NAACP Leadership 500 Summit

America's 'chief health educator' will address health disparities at Health Symposium

The United States Surgeon General Vice Admiral Richard H. Carmona will be the keynote speaker for the health plenary session during the first annual NAACP Leadership 500 Summit May 27th in Destin, Fla.

Dr. Carmona's agenda seeks to eliminate racial disparities in healthcare in the minority community. His administration believes it is crucial to provide access to health information, insurance and services.

Dr. Lucille Perez, NAACP National Health Director Advocacy Division, said: "The African American community is facing a health crisis and is proud to have the U.S. Surgeon General speak at this historic leadership summit. The NAACP applauds the U.S. Surgeon General's office for working to develop health initiatives and to provide outreach to minority communities in an effort to create social justice in health policy."

Carmona, a native of New York City, dropped out of high school to enlist in the U.S. Army in 1967. He earned the Army General Equivalency Diploma and became a decorated Vietnam veteran before receiving numerous medical degrees.

During the symposium, Carmona will address the critical role civil rights leaders must play in abolishing health disparities. He plans to share Ideas on how to provide minority communities with critical information to generate a personal, family and community responsibility for health.

Prior to being named Surgeon General, Carmona was the chairman of the State of Arizona Southern Regional Emergency Medical System, a professor of surgery, public health and family and community medicine at the University of Arizona, and the Pima County Sheriff's Department surgeon and deputy sheriff.

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