Board Member: Madie Robinson

Robinson is the president of the Florence chapter of the NAACP. She’s been a member of the chapter since 1975.  She begins her second term on the national board after being elected to an at-large seat. She was one of seven candidates elected nationwide out of 11.  Robinson is executive director and chief executive officer of Pee Dee Healthy Start Inc. in Florence. She has held the position since 1998.

Pee Dee Healthy Start was one of the 15 original federally-funded demonstration sites created in 1991 to reduce infant mortality. It was changed in Phase II of the federal initiative to Pee Dee Healthy Start Inc.  “Our primary goal is to decrease the incidence of infant mortality and other negative pregnancy outcomes,” Robinson said. “The mission of health education is to increase knowledge and awareness on health issues related to infant mortality and poor birth outcomes through health promotion and health education.” Services provided include outreach and client recruitment, case management, health education, parenting services, public safety and consortium.  The consortium provides local, county and regional forums where consumers, providers and concerned volunteers can gather to collaborate regarding action to achieve the common goal of healthier birth outcomes in the Pee Dee.  Pee Dee Healthy Start is a nonprofit organization, and its services are free. Those eligible for services include pregnant and parenting women ages 10 through 44 who live in Chesterfield, Darlington, Florence, Marion and Williamsburg counties.