Board Member: Reverend Oscar S. Tillman

Reverend Oscar S. Tillman is he President of the Maricopa County Branch of the NAACP and the Interim Pastor of the New Home Baptist Church, Phoenix, Arizona.  Rev. Tillman has been active in the civil rights movement for more than four decades, and is thoroughly familiar with the issues, as they are represented in the State of Arizona, and across the country having served as the President of the Arizona State Conference; in addition, he has served in other capacities such as Vice Chairman of the Northwest Region of the NAACP and President of the Tacoma, Washington Branch of the NAACP.  He further served as State Legal Redress Chairman for the Colorado, Wyoming and Montana NAACP State Conference.  Rev. Tillman is currently serving on the NAACP National Board of Directors.  He is the first person from Arizona to ever serve on the National Board.

As a long time member of this organization, Rev. Tillman is an excellent resource person on civil rights issues throughout Arizona and the Western Region having performed in several roles related to legal redress.  He is a charter member of the National Organization of Black Associations, founded by Dr. Benjamin Hooks.  His community service has been characterized by serving as a Board Member of the Bethel School District, Tacoma, Washington and a member of the Board of Directors, Arizona Civil Liberties Union, as well as, being a member of the Egyptian #44 and Yemen Temple #152 Shrines.

Rev. Tillman is a graduate of Evergreen State College and was a faculty member at Tacoma Community College.  He received his theological training from Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has been married to Mrs. Sheila C. Tillman for 42 years and is the father of three children; Sharon, Mazuba, and Gregory.  He is a retired United State Air Force Law Enforcement Superintendent.