Urgent: Tell Congress to Pass the Keep Families Together Act Now!

Hundreds of Volunteers Join NAACP in Prepping for National Convention 

Trump's Racism A Factor in #LivingWhileBlack, Says NAACP President

NAACP Critical of NFL Gag Order on Protesting Police Brutality

Trump Judicial Nominees Threaten The Legacy of Brown v. Board

Facebook Fails the Black Community

Federal Court Rejects Trump Administration’s Bid to Terminate DACA Program  

NAACP, Prince George’s County Sue Over Unconstitutional Census Preparations

NAACP News Clips May 18 2018

Join NAACP members, advocates, and supporters in San Antonio, Texas for the NAACP 109th National Convention. The theme, Defeat Hate - Vote, reminds us that our vote is our most powerful tool for change. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to contribute to the conversation and to hear from the nation’s leading policymakers, activists, and organizers.  

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