2020 Census

The United States Constitution requires that the nation’s population is counted every ten years to ensure equal representation for all communities. The entire population of the United States must be counted, not just citizens. For many reasons, it is vitally important that everyone is counted.

The NAACP has developed a toolkit to promote and ensure the full participation of the Black community in the 2020 census. This toolkit aims to engage our members and units with the tools necessary to combat the deliberate underfunding, exclusionary practices and procedural changes that will make a fair and accurate census count difficult. The NAACP will take a phase by phase approach, releasing various strategies and initiatives over the next 9 months. This toolkit will outline important information and key messages related to:

  • Why the census is important,
  • Federal programs the census implicates,
  • How much funding your state receives in federal expenditures,
  • How to prevent Black undercount, and
  • How to establish a complete count committee.

It will also discuss important dates and key changes to the 2020 census providing a month by month timeline of how NAACP chapters can take action and become intricately involved with national, state and local Get Out the Count (GOTC) efforts. It will include sample messages and shareable graphics, social media guidance, a census workshop, information regarding the citizenship question and part-time – full-time job availability.