Fair Lending

The NAACP has developed nine banking principles concerning fairness and mortgage lending to encourage transparency and fairness in the processes associated with obtaining quality loans and improving the relationships between financial institutions and people of color and other historically disadvantaged borrowers.

The Fair Lending program area of the NAACP Economic Department is concerned with the fair and equitable distribution of credit.  Home mortgage lending, auto lending, credit cards, payday and auto title lending, as well as any other financial or banking products fall under the scrutiny of this office.

Signature Initiatives:


The Fair Lending Program focuses much of its energy on the role of housing and homeownership in building wealth. The Fair Lending Program also engages with NAACP State Conferences via email, conference calls, webinars, presentations, outreach events, and personal meetings to educate the membership on housing issues. In addition, Fair Lending Program staff lecture, analyze policy, and perform research on the impact of high cost lending such as auto title and payday lending on the black community. This includes meeting with banks to encourage them to make it easier to have a bank account and to offer safe small dollar loans products to eliminate the demand for payday credit. They regularly review mortgage lending data and meet with lenders to discuss ways in which homeownership can be expanded within the black community.

Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure was an epidemic in the African American community after the housing crash of 2008. While the majority of families that lost their homes were white, a far higher percentage of black homeowners were affected. Through the Fair Lending Program, the NAACP has a collaboration agreement with NID, a national Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified housing counseling agency. Through its agreement with HUD, NID provides free pre-buyer counseling and foreclosure assistance.

Foreclosure prevention is often a matter of addressing the issue as early as possible, if you or somebody you know is behind on their mortgage, please contact the Fair Lending Program.

Housing Reform

The ongoing housing crisis in America has effectively barred most minorities, and especially African American families, from the wealth building power of homeownership. Often, this is due to a structural barrier caused by the massive gap between the wealth of black and white America. The Fair Lending Program monitors the ongoing efforts to reform the housing market to make it a fair and affordable source of credit for both home purchase lending and the construction of affordable multi-family properties.


The Fair Lending team develops materials for State Conferences and other interested parties to understand the complex financial and economic factors which minorities contend with today.  These includes policy briefs on topics such as housing and homeownership, materials explaining how to reveal the true cost of payday lending in your community, and an introduction to banking and the housing market.