Justice Kennedy played a pivotal role on the Supreme Court for thirty years.  He was the deciding vote in many close cases involving civil rights and civil liberties.  Without his moderating influence, the balance on the Court could shift dramatically to the right.

The Senate should not consider a nominee until a new Senate is seated next year.  Moreover, the new Senate should ensure that the nominee have a demonstrated commitment to equal justice and civil rights.



The stakes for nominating a replacement could not be higher at any moment in our history. The constitutional process for appointing and confirming the next justice must be careful, deliberative and conducted with bipartisan support.

President Johnson and organization leaders hosted a townhall to discuss implications of Justice Kennedy retirement. Over 1000 individuals participated via phone and online. Leaders spoke about recent supreme court rulings, plan of action to ensure no nomination is appointed until January, our broader civic engagement and participation in future elections, and took questions from the audience.

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The stakes for nominating a replacement could not be higher than at any moment in our history.