Unite US

The display of hate we witnessed in Charlottesville, VA was reprehensible and must not be repeated.

Now is the time for all Americans to say enough is enough. We must come together and stand up for the values of justice, equality, and inclusivity that ought to define these United States.

Raise your voice

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Take Action

  • It’s time to speak out! In the coming weeks, NAACP leaders will be meeting with national, state, and local elected officials in cities and towns across the country. Help us drive out hate: share your thoughts on the issues that matter to you.
  • It is clear that President Trump lacks the moral clarity to lead this fight. We deserve leaders who possess the integrity to guide us toward unity. Tell Congress to take the lead by putting the American people ahead of political party. Contact your representative now!
  • The appalling events this weekend in Charlottesville reaffirm the need to abolish the Electoral College and take back our democracySign our petition to abolish the Electoral College.

Official NAACP Statements

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