Community Emergency Response Team Campaign

Florida NAACP is READY


Congratulations to NAACP Florida Area State Conference President, Adora Obi Nweze, for partnering with FEMA to train 57 representatives from 25 Florida branches to not only be Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members but also to be trained in NAACP’s Human and Civil Rights in Emergency Management Monitoring!


Is YOUR State Conference Ready?

Some of you are preparing yourself for tornado season, others for hurricane season while still reeling from last hurricane season, and still others are battling wildfires and coastal flooding from sea level rise and the list goes on.  We need to be ready NOW so that we can serve our role as stewards of civil and human rights before and during these disasters.

President Nweze, as Chair of the Emergency Management Taskforce, is challenging all of the NAACP State Conference Presidents to match the Florida State Conference in getting the majority of your branches certified as Community Emergency Response Team members BY THE END OF 2018.  Together with our help, you can certify CERTS at virtually every unit in your State Conference at once!

Just take two days and you’ll be on your way to a FEMA certified team and a battalion of people ready to face environmental and climate injustice both in the field’s trenches and the system’s benches!


For more information: has a wealth of information on CERTs including a detailed course overview.

FEMA’s Course:  Introduction to the Community Emergency Response Teams gives a web-based introduction to the in-person training.  Note: In order to be certified to be deployed under the CERT program you must do the in-person training, which is offered through your local fire department, Citizen Corps, etc. For more information visit


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