Jamestown to Jamestown

NAACP leaders, members, and partners journey from Jamestown, Virginia to Jamestown, Accra – Ghana, West Africa to commemorate the Year of Return. This once-in-a-lifetime trip honors the strength, power and resilience of Africans and African Americans.

Jamestown to Jamestown Blog

Day 1: Participants Find Solace in Ancestral Tribute

Day 2: Anticipation is High as NAACP Delegation Embark on Year of Return Journey

Day 3: NAACP Group Arrives in Ghana Exactly 400 Years Since first enslaved Africans brought to shores of Virginia

Dancers break into celebration as NAACP President and family make their way out of the airport.


Day 5: Jubilation in Accra, as Jamestown to Jamestown Participants Come Together in Fellowship







Preparing for Ghana

We’ll start with a Prayer Vigil at the Jamestown. During the trip, we will take part in an ancestral healing ceremony at the ocean, attend a critical business and development summit, participate in an African Ancestry reveal at the Door of No Return and visit Assin Manso Last Bath Slave River, where enslaved Africans had their last bath before being shipped to the western world never to be returned.


  1. Special visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture designed by Ghanaian architect Sir David Adjaye on the National Mall before departing to Ghana.
  2. Welcome by local chiefs, politicians, community leaders and the traditional council of Jamestown, Accra, Ghana.
  3. Workshops from leaders about business, development, and investment in Ghana.
  4. Tour of the Cape Coast Castle slave dungeons, and the West African Heritage Museum.
  5. Tour of W.E.B. DuBois Center and other key museums and monuments in Ghana.


Plan to join us on this deeply powerful and moving journey.

Go to Jamestown2Jamestown.com for complete details.