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Action Alert Update: Cloture Vote Passes— Tell Your Senators NOW to Vote “No” on Kavanaugh, Full Senate Vote October 6th

October 5, 2018 / By Array

The final vote by the full U.S. Senate on President Trump’s nomination of NAACP-opposed Judge Brett Kavanagh to serve a life-time appointment on the US Supreme Court is currently scheduled to occur on Saturday, 10/6/2018.

The NAACP remains fervently opposed to this nomination and urges all Senators to vote “no”.

Urge Members of the Senate Judiciary to Vote “No” on Kavanaugh

The Issue: 

A procedural vote on “cloture” on the nomination occurred Friday morning, 10/5/2018, which allows the Senate to move ahead with up to 30 hours of debate before a final vote on the nomination. The vote on cloture passed by a partisan margin of 51 yeas to 49 nays.

A number of questions remain outstanding regarding Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament, his integrity, his judicial leanings, his beliefs and his role and duties in previous employment. As a result, we are left with a candidate of questionable morals whose existing yet incomplete record demonstrates him to be an extremist with no empathy for the very real concerns and needs of most working middle-class Americans or for the unique challenges and concerns of racial and ethnic minority Americans, women, seniors, the LGBT Community or others who comprise our diverse nation. The American people deserve better.

The country desperately needs a fair-minded and independent jurist on the Supreme Court whose honesty and integrity are unquestionable. We do not need a divisive, untrustworthy, biased ideologue with a demonstrated animus against women, who will further shake the American people’s faith in our nation’s justice system.

Furthermore, Judge Kavanaugh’s vetting by the Senate Judiciary Committee included less than 10% of the documents from his legal and administrative carrier in the White House and the federal government.
This is a huge disservice to the American people. As a judge, Mr. Kavanaugh’s actions are bound by precedents of the Supreme Court. However, Supreme Court Justices are able to overturn those precedents and apply their own interpretations of the Constitution. Crucial information continues to be withheld on a Supreme Court nominee from review by the Senate Judiciary Committee, the full Senate and the American people.

This nomination, and the US Supreme Court, are too important. We should not rush. The nomination should only be considered by the Senate elected by the American people in November, 2018, after all the allegations have been resolved by trained, non-partisan individuals and after every Senator has had adequate time to fully review all of the relevant records; after the 116th Congress is seated in January 2019. The American people are owed the complete and unvarnished truth.


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  • Judge Kavanaugh has demonstrated that he has neither the temperament nor the integrity to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • A number of questions regarding Judge Kavanaugh’s beliefs and his judicial views are still deeply concerning, unclear and incomplete; we do know however that his record demonstrates that he does not empathize with the crucial needs of working middle-class Americans or the unique concerns of racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ community, women, or others who comprise our diverse nation.
  • His record demonstrates a willingness to allow law enforcement to use the repugnant and counter-productive tactic of “racial profiling,” an open hostility to the Affordable Care Act and access to health care for all Americans, as well as a lack of sensible measures to protect Americans from the growing crisis of gun violence.
  • This nomination of a Supreme Court justice is too important to rush. The country desperately needs and deserve a fair-minded, honest, and independent jurist on the Supreme Court, not a divisive and biased ideologue who will further shake the American people’s faith in our nation’s justice system.


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