Choosing between authoritarianism and democracy

February 2, 2017

We need you. Our country faces a difficult choice. This is not a choice between liberalism and conservatism, but an unavoidable choice between authoritarianism and democracy. The heartbreaking images of refugee families tearfully distressed and detained at airports; the tragic firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for her refusal to defend constitutionally indefensible executive orders; and the Senate’s rush to confirm an Attorney General nominee who lacks the independence to protect our rights demonstrate that the NAACP is desperately needed at this dangerous hour for our democracy.

A few days ago, NAACP members and supporters went to court to plead guilty to civil disobedience for our first sit-in at the office of Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions. Within hours of leaving the court, we went back to the Mobile, Alabama, office of Senator Sessions and conducted a sit-in with 100 people, with 11 of us arrested for peaceful protest. After again being cuffed, fingerprinted and booked, we again delivered the message that we must oppose an Attorney General nominee who refuses to protect civil rights, voting rights, immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, or the rights of the LGBT community.

Our mugshots following arrest

We sat-in in Mobile, standing in the moral lineage of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. Your response has been tremendous — the voicemail boxes of Senators are full, the wait time for Capitol operators is long, and Capitol Hill is hearing the resounding voices of the NAACP. They are even running campaign-style ads for Senator Sessions to muffle and muzzle the voice of the NAACP. This is why we need your help.

We are mobilizing to oppose extremist nominees and extremely dangerous executive orders. We need your financial support to keep our field organizers in the community, to post bail and pay fines, to maintain letter-writing campaigns, and to energize and engage our young people for democracy.

This is a Twitter-age Civil Rights Movement which is inspired by the past but is grounded in the present. Our strategy of connecting protests to policy to the polls requires converting outrage to organization. It requires public education, civic mobilization, and disciplined advocacy for legislation, all of which require financial support. Please both join the NAACP and give to the NAACP — TODAY.

In a few days the NAACP turns 108 years old. Please consider a donation of at least $108 or whatever you can sacrifice. Not a day goes by that our members in 2,200 units across the country are not hard at work for your rights. They are doing the work in 50 states, on military installations and Native American reservations, in large cities and small towns, on college campuses and in high schools, and in prisons. The NAACP is where you live. Please support us.

Give today. Get engaged today.

Yours in justice,

Cornell William Brooks
President and CEO