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Ecowomanism, Ecofeminism

April 24, 2018 / By Katherine Taylor, NAACP's Environmental & Climate Justice Communcations Manager

Did you know that the Environmental and Climate Justice (ECJ) Program at NAACP has its own newsletter?

ECJ News! is a bimonthly publication that features none other than the incredible, timely, important, and otherwise brilliant works of the local NAACP leaders on the ground who are making environmental and climate justice change happen.

The newsletter is a reinvented and re-imagined work that speaks to the ECJ program’s mission:

Advancing the leadership of frontline communities to eliminate environmental and climate injustices and ignite an environmental, social, and economic revolution.

The first issue of 2018 came out in February and celebrated Black History, Herstory, and Theirstory month with a feature article from NAACP ECJ program staffer, Liz Kennedy.

The latest issue, released Monday, is themed Ecowomanism, Ecofeminism to honor Women’s History Month (March) and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April).  Two prominent female ECJ Leaders wrote articles on the intersections of gender and the environmental movements:  Kathy Egland, NAACP National Board ECJ Committee Chair, and Nkwanda Jah, ECJ Committee Chair for the Gainesville, FL branch.

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