Action Alert

Farr vote at noon TODAY

November 29, 2018

Despite the fact that a large number of North Carolina NAACPers, led by North Carolina State Conference of NAACP branches President Rev. Anthony Spearman, spent all day yesterday on a bus to come the Washington, DC, to join President Derrick Johnson and others to express their strong opposition to the confirmation of Thomas Farr to a life-time appointment as a judge to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina,  Senate leadership has now scheduled President Trump’s nominee to the floor for a vote.  The NAACP strongly opposes this nomination; throughout his career, Mr. Farr has consistently supported and worked for efforts to intimidate, misinform, or otherwise disenfranchise African American voters.  He has also consistently taken the lead against victims of employment discrimination and against workers’ rights in general.  Cloture, which means that debate may proceed and they can have a final vote, passed the Senate by a razor-thin margin of 51 yeas to 50 nays, only after Vice President Pence stepped in to break the tie.  The full Senate is scheduled to vote on the nomination TODAY, Thursday, November 29, 2018.

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