Intersections: Environmental and Climate Justice & the NAACP Game Changers

April 22, 2015

Our environment, including climate change, is affected by how societies, communities and individuals function, on many levels and environmental issues also increasingly have multiple impacts on our lives. With NAACP’s multi-issue advocacy agenda, environmental injustice, including climate change, is a common thread that runs through all of the sectors in which we are engaged.  Civic Engagement and Voting Rights, Criminal Justice, Economic Opportunity Education, and Health are all impacted by environmental injustice and climate change through multiple mechanisms. The cross-cutting issue of Youth Organizing and Leadership highlights how youth are critical to engaging on environmental and climate change issues both because they will inherit the results of what we are doing to the planet now and because they have a key voice and analysis that are essential to how we respond to what’s happening now.

To address an issue which is a threat multiplier for all sectors of society, a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach is needed.  “INTERSECTIONS: Environmental and Climate Justice and the NAACP Game Changers” summarizes multiple the ways that environmental and climate justice intersects with the bedrock NAACP civil rights  advocacy agenda and describes opportunities for cross-movement and multi-issue organizing.

Download the document here.

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