NAACP Calls for Meeting with Oklahoma Attorney General, Seeks Justice for Eric Harris

April 16, 2015

Eric Harris, shown right posing with his brother Andre.

The Oklahoma State Conference NAACP is calling for a meeting with Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and the Department of Justice to intervene in regards to the actions of the Tulsa County Sheriff Department and investigate why charges have not been brought against all officers that contributed to the death of Mr. Eric Harris.

The Oklahoma NAACP is seeking answers, questioning why his office is not taking any action or a position on the killing and mistreatment of people of color in the state of Oklahoma by law enforcement.

Oklahoma State Conference NAACP states:

With the recent killing of Mr. Harris, the inhumane, and malicious treatment after he was shot, and the refusal to provide medical treatment by the officers involved, shows a lack of care or respect when it comes to the life or death of African Americans in the State of Oklahoma. 

What has happened to Mr. Harris is totally inexcusable, and shows another example of excessive force being used by police officers. Our sympathies go out to the family of Mr. Harris’s family who must endure the heartache that follows such a tragic event.

We applaud the District Attorney and staff who have filed charges and denounced the behavior of these officers, but we cannot stop there. We will continue to monitor the investigation and resulting litigation as it moves through the Courts.

It is time for Oklahoma Attorney General to stand up with the citizens of Oklahoma and put an end to the killings of unarmed African-Americans.

The Oklahoma State NAACP will remain engaged in the State and locally as members of the community attempt to process the details of this incident. We invite those against racial intolerance across the country to stand with us in the fight against all forms of racial injustice from college campuses, to our neighborhoods, to our workplaces, to the halls of Justice, and even in the halls of Congress.

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