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NAACP Calls for Withdrawal of Thomas Farr Nomination

November 27, 2018

Statement of Derrick Johnson Calling for Withdrawal of Thomas Farr Nomination

Thomas Farr needs to withdraw his nomination immediately. We’ve always known Thomas Farr as the architect of the worst voter suppression law in the country, however, we have now found that he was more deeply engaged than anyone knew in intimidating Black voters during not one, but two of Jesse Helms’ campaigns for U.S. Senate.

This new revelation places him squarely at the center of notorious voter intimidation, not only in 1990 but in 1984. The activity was so egregious that President George H.W. Bush’s Justice Department sued the Helms campaign for violations of the Voting Rights Act. Farr is even identified in the complaint. In other Justice Department memoranda, he is described as the “coordinator” of “ballot security measures” designed to suppress the Black vote.

Farr not only defended voter suppression; he committed it himself. Moreover, he lied about his involvement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Thomas Farr’s nomination is a disgrace to the justice system. If you engage in voter intimidation—anytime, anywhere—you should not become a federal judge in this country.