Press Release

NAACP Her Idea to Host HBCU Tour

October 21, 2019

As the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, Black women face obstacles on every front as they attempt to scale businesses, build capital and create sustaining partnerships.Recognizing these hurdles, the NAACP created HER Idea as part of it’s economic agenda. The goal of HER Idea is to bridge this resource gap for Black women through community building.

Conceived initially as a workshop for the 2018 National Convention,HER Idea is growing fast! They have now launched a podcast uplifting the entrepreneurial journeys of black women and will be kicking off our HER Idea HBCU Tour this week.

The inaugural tour will kick-off at Benedict College in South Carolina on October 22-24th. The kick-off will include black women who have founded their own startups, created their own wellness business, monetized their social media content etc. Panelists will discuss how students can transform side hustles to scalable businesses that will create a community of empowered women.

During this summit, attendees will hear from millennial entrepreneurs, digital media experts, and venture capitalists about their pathways to success. Attendees will be organized into groups based on the ticket track they choose. Tracks: STEM, Beauty, Wellness, Soulpreneur (Creatives, Social Media, Lifestyle brand). Attendees will have breakout sessions based on their tracks, networking opportunities, and be invited to participate in a pitch competition.

Learn more about our program by following @herideanaacp on Instagram, and subscribing to the podcast on Google Play and iTunes.




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