Press Release

NAACP Launches Power of 5 Campaign, Mobilizes Voter to Take Action Before the Election

September 13, 2018

The NAACP, the nation’s foremost civil rights organization, has launched a Power of 5 campaign aimed at mobilizing voters to turn out at the 2018 midterm elections.

The Power of 5 campaign charges voters to take leadership of their own spheres of influence. The charge is simple: register 5 new voters before the deadline, ensure 5 people get to the polls, and volunteer 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days to make sure we have the highest turn out ever.

“There is too much at stake this November,” said Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO, “We are heading into an election that is going to change the entire face of our Congress – one that will have the power to block the disastrous Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh – a judge who’s track record is notoriously opposed to civil rights. We each have the power, not just vote, but also to empower others to make our voices heard at the ballot box.”

“This year more than ever, Black voters and the issues affecting their communities will play a critical role in the elections,” said Jamal Watkins, NAACP Vice President of Civic Engagement, “According to a recent NAACP poll, people of color collectively feel disenfranchised and disrespected by the current administration, and this midterm election is an opportunity to express those concerns and show elected officials that they will be held accountable. If just one voter can make a difference, imagine what 5 can do.”

The Power of 5 campaign furthers NAACP’s civic engagement commitment to #Turnout18. By joining the campaign, NAACP will provide supporters with information about volunteer opportunities, phone banks, canvassing, and voter registration drives in their local communities. Voters can join the campaign here.