Press Release

NAACP Provides Disaster Management Resources in the Wake of Hurricane Florence

September 15, 2018
NAACP, the nation’s foremost civil rights organization, released the following statement regarding Hurricane Florence:
“On Friday, Hurricane Florence, deemed by meteorologists to be a beast of a storm, made landfall in North Carolina, and it has already proved to be fatal,” said Jacqui Patterson, Senior Director, NAACP Environmental Climate and Justice Program.
“Although it has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, the devastating effects of such a natural disaster are felt long after the rain clears. Those who live along coastal communities often return home to the worst-case scenario – houses, cars and other property completely damaged by the storm. For African Americans and other frontline communities, pre-existing inequities make the situation much worse. Lives are upended, federal aid is insufficient and confidence is all but lost.
“In times like these, NAACP, a fierce advocate for environmental rights and climate justice, serves as a beacon of hope for many in these communities. We have a duty to the people we represent to take action that will minimize the harm. Year round, NAACP works to provide resources that empower our units to be storm-ready.
“In the wake of Florence, we’ve provided two such resources: Super Storm Florence Unit Advisory, and our Equity in Emergency Management Monitoring Toolkit. These two documents provide a detailed guide as to how to prepare for and manage the damage of Hurricane Florence and other natural disasters.
“NAACP will continue to monitor the effects of this storm, and as always, will serve as a community watchdog in ensuring federal response to the storm is fair, sufficient and centered in equity.”