Press Release

NAACP Speaks Out for Marriage Equality

April 2, 2013

The NAACP released the following remarks from former Sr. Vice President for Campaigns Marvin Randolph regarding the hearings today and tomorrow at the Supreme Court on marriage equality:


“I’m proud to be here today to stand alongside these great civil and human rights leaders to say that civil marriage is indeed a civil right. It is a matter of civil law, and the time is now to put an end to the discriminatory laws that say marriages for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters must be separate and unequal.

This issue is dear to my heart and to that of the NAACP. The African American community and the gay and lesbian community are not and have never been separate communities. Gay and lesbian African Americans are members of our families, our communities and our churches. Affirmation of same sex marriage is simply an affirmation of the full range of African American families.

Throughout our history, the NAACP has opposed the customs, traditions, practices, and laws that denied rights to a select group of Americans. That’s why we fought Jim Crow. That’s why we took on the case of Loving v. Virginia, eventually knocking down miscegenation laws that prevented people from marrying who they loved in the 1960s. That’s why we are in this fight today.

The NAACP will always stand up against discrimination, segregation, and unequal treatment. I am proud that society has changed so dramatically on the issue of same sex marriage, and this week the Supreme Court has the opportunity to acknowledge the beautiful social changes that are leading our nation ever to greater equality, stronger liberty and, I pray, Justice, for all.”


In November, the NAACP conducted a poll of African American voters in key battleground states and found that nearly 60% supported marriage equality.