Press Release

NAACP Statement on Trump Administration’s Move to Revoke Obama-Era Guidance on Using Race in School Admissions

July 3, 2018
NAACP, the nation’s foremost civil rights organization, released the following statement in response to reports that the Trump administration is attempting to rescind Obama Administration guidelines on race in college admissions:
“By encouraging schools to not consider race during the admissions process or potentially in any other circumstance, President Trump is undermining the benefits of diversity in schools, accelerating the socioeconomic divide, and rolling back access to quality education for all students, which is a top priority for this administration. 
The guidelines President Obama put forth in 2011 and 2016 have been upheld by the Supreme Court, and they continue to be an accurate interpretation of how to ensure all students are learning in diverse environments and receiving the quality education they deserve.
It is proven that racial diversity benefits all in academic achievement. Our world is made up of people of many colors; therefore, students should learn and grow in an environment that depicts this reality,” said Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO.