Action Alert

The next Supreme Court Justice…

June 29, 2018

The stakes for nominating a new Supreme Court Justice could not be higher at this moment in our history. The Court is meant to be an unbiased guardian of rights and liberties of all Americans.  The country desperately needs a fair-minded and independent jurist on the Supreme Court.  Now is not the time for a divisive and biased appointment who will further shake the public’s faith in our nation’s justice system.  The constitutional process for appointing and confirming the next justice must be thoughtful, careful, deliberative, and conducted with well-informed bipartisan support.

The Senate should not consider a nominee until a new Senate is seated next year, after the results of the midterm election are in place.  This will fully allow the American people, those who will be most affected by the confirmation, to have a voice in the selection of the nominee.  Moreover, the new Senate should ensure that the nominee has a demonstrated commitment to equal justice and civil rights for all.   The names identified on President Trump’s shortlist do not meet those qualifications.  For the good of the American people, we urge the President and the U.S. Senate to carefully exercise their respective roles under the Constitution in light of the consequential impact of this nomination on our country.

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