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Image for NAACP Hosted an Interagency Briefing

On July 29, 2010 in New Orleans Louisiana, the NAACP and the Department of Homeland Security co-hosted a briefing to discuss the BP Oil Spill Disaster and contingency planning for hurricanes and natural disasters in the BP Oil Spill affected areas.

Image for Open Letter from Shirley Sherrod: You and I can’t yield—not now, not ever

Not long ago, I sat here in my living room in Albany, Georgia for an afternoon of deep conversation with NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. As he has done in public, Ben movingly apologized for the fact that the NAACP was initially hoodwinked by Breitbart and Fox into supporting my removal. I told him what I want to tell you.  

Image for Victory: President Obama Signs Law to Reduce Sentencing Disparities

Congress moves to reduce 100:1 disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine sentencing. Send a letter to thank your Member of Congress.

Image for NAACP Forces Tea Party To Address Racist Elements

Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express expelled from larger Tea Party umbrella group over letter mocking the NAACP President with explicitly racist language.