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Image for Sugar Free Kids Maryland to Focus on Healthy Vending Options  During 2016 State Legislative Session

Healthier foods and beverages would have to be displayed in a way that distinguishes from the other items and be placed in vending locations with the highest selling potential.

Image for Childhood Obesity: Changing the Narrative

This is the first generation in 200 years that is projected to be outlived by their parents, by up to 5 years.

Image for NAACP Connecting You to Healthcare

Access to affordable, quality healthcare plays a significant role in shaping an individual's health and quality of life. To date, more than 17 million people who were previously insured have obtained health insurance coverage through the Marketplace. To continue to build on the momentum, we need to advocate, educate, and create enrollment opportunities for people to #GetCovered.

Image for Reframing HIV as a Social Justice Issue to Win the War Against the HIV Epidemic in Black America

While HIV is no longer a death sentence, as it was three decades ago, Black America continues to be ravaged by the virus, more so than any other racial or ethnic group.

Image for Dallas Town Hall: Moving Faith from Awareness-To Engagement-To Ending HIV

While representing only 23% of Dallas' total population, approximately 40% of people living with an HIV diagnosis in Dallas are African American, underscoring the immediate need for local faith leaders to take action.