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Image for Coalition For Public Safety Welcomes The NAACP

NAACP has joined forces with the Coalition for Public Safety to address the criminal justice crisis in the country.

Image for NAACP Hosts Racial Profiling Teach-Ins, Educating Advocates, Activists

NAACP Criminal Justice is on the road, educating advocates about racial profiling.

Image for Baltimore NAACP Branch Letter to Fraternal Order of Police for Attack on Leadership

Baltimore NAACP's letter to the FOP addresses recent attempts to make Attorney Mosby recuse herself from the Freddie Gray case.

Image for NAACP Travels Around The Country, Trains Units How to Address Racial Profiling Cases

NAACP Criminal Justice is training units and the community how to take on racial profiling.

Image for NAACP’s Current Fight Against Racial Profiling Nationwide

NAACP branches are working hard against racial profiling incidents across the country.